Solutions for synthetic media threats

How will you still be able to be sure the person on the screen is the one behind the camera?
Synthetic media can target organisations, masses or just mere individuals. The goals of these cases vary and could harm you in multiple ways.
So, let us help you.

DeepDetector Software

Do you handle data of which you need to know if it's authentic or fake? Do you handle large batches of data and need to filter on suspicious files?

The DeepDetector software helps professionals in supporting the decision process by providing statistics and in depth analysis of the footage.

  • Compatible with windows
  • Images and videos
  • Artefact visualisations
  • With numeric evaluation
  • Realtime capability

DeepDetector online

How do I know this video I just saw is not deepfake? Fake news has found it's way to platforms, group chats and direct communication, so will synthetic media. We believe that media literacy is the remedy.

Let's take a closer look at your media file. We'll check it and give you some clues of what we think is suspicious. What do you think?

Decide yourself and check your video now!

  • Supports YouTube URLs
  • Images and videos
  • PNG, JP(E)G, MP4
  • Artefact visualisation

Test batch sample

Do you already process huge amounts of data? Do you get this data from third parties which are unverified or not a 100% trustworthy? The odds might be small that your data sources are infected with synthetic media, but you could check a small batch to gain more confidence.

We can analyse a batch of selected data. We check and analyse it.

Contact us to get a test.


Unsure about what synthetic media exactly is? Curious what it could mean for your company? We are happy to share our expertise with you and to take a closer look into it with you.

We have formats of workshops and talks ready at hand and can customize this for your industry and level of technological knowledge.

Contact us and let's discuss the options.

It may sound basic, but how we move forward in the age of information is going to be the difference between whether we survive or whether we become some kind of f*cked up dystopia.

Thank you, stay woke b*tches

2018 - not Barrack Obama

Will we become a f*cked up dystopia?

Fact, we are heading for a future where synthetic media will become better and more credible then ever before. Faces, postures, backgrounds and even configurations of buildings will be susceptible for seemless manipulations. This threathens the reliability of all digital media.

However, we have already been living for ages in an era in which media could be manipulated.

Stalin photoshopped his photos just as heavily like the average instagram post nowadays is. Crops, filters and fades might not be that harmfull, but 'real authentic' data is becoming scarce.

We don't need tools that tell us something is fake or real. We need to know the relevant alterations in the picture, for not all is evil.

Our tools provide you more information instead of less. We help you see the difference.

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