Hi, we are DuckDuckGoose!

Our Mission

We are a team of young engineers who grew up with all the benefits of the internet. Our generation is more connected, mobile and abled than any generation prior because of rapid technological advancements of the last decades. Eventhough we don't know the world any different we may not take it for granted.

Synthetic media is threatening the reliability of all digital data and sabotages indirectly our society and democracy this way. Because, when everything might be fake how would you identify the actual facts? With our software we enable you to check and trust sources again. This way we can still believe what we see.

Jimmy Vlekke

Software developer

Contributing to the development of software that can detect deepfakes is something I enjoy doing!

Mark Romme

AI engineer

Hi there! I decided to join DuckDuckGoose to make a difference in the worrying development of deepfake technology.

Joris Mollinga


DuckDuckGoose gave me the opportunity to use AI to tackle a social problem. I didn't have to think long about that!

Parya Lotfi

Head of business

By being part of DuckDuckGoose, I aim to spread awareness about deepfakes and give everyone the right tools to see the difference between real and fake media.

Max Tuynman


I'm making sure that you can find, use and understand our service. Feel free to shoot us any question if you can't.

Mark Evenblij


I don’t just want to be an engineer. I wish for my efforts to create value for someone. At DuckDuckGoose I can create that value.

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