Synthetic data & deepfakes

We live in an era in which everybody can swap their face with leading actors in famous movies like the Star Wars sequels. This can even be done on your mobile phone.

The deepfake technology has become incredibly accessible and the number of applications is numerous. But this also makes abuse more accessible. What abuses can we expect?

Fake online personas

We are familiar with trolls and fake profiles spreading fake news. Adding ultra-realistic photos and videos featuring the deepfake creates susceptibility among peers for fake news spreading actors.

Realtime manipulations

Are you sure the person on the other side of the screen is the one you think you're talking to? It's already possible to make deepfakes real-time. Are you sure you'll just share that confidential information?

Fake content

Edited video's cut and pasted together or paced unevenly already influence large peers. But what if a video were to be released of head figures stating things they have never said? How would you prove it is fake?



Do you need to understand how you could prove data is false? The DeepDetector XAI supports you in detecting and analysing synthetic data!

DeepDetector online

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Test sample batch

Unsure if synthetic data has already found its way into your dataflows? Send a sample batch to us and we can check it for you!


Do you want to know what you or your organisation could do against synthetic data threats? we share our knowledge with you and help you anticipate!

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